1. Clone the repository and open the created directory

    git clone
    cd openstatus
  2. Install dependencies

    pnpm install
  3. Database setup

We are using Turso for the database to make it work locally you need to install it and run it.

If you are on a mac install it with Homebrew

brew tap chiselstrike/tap
brew install turso

then run it locally with

turso dev --db-file openstatus.db

Here is the official Turso installation guide

  1. Run the database migration

In the packages/db folder run

pnpm migrate
  1. Set up your .env file

from apps/web and packages/db you will find .env.example. Please create your own.

  1. Start the web app locally
pnpm dev

πŸ’‘ If you are getting this error - ERROR run failed: error preparing engine: Invalid persistent task configuration: You have 15 persistent tasks butturbois configured for concurrency of 10. Set --concurrency to at least 16 Then cd into web directory and then start the web app

 cd apps/web
 pnpm dev
  1. Clerk Authentication

For authentication we are using Clerk, you will need to create an account and get your API keys. If you want to work on the backend and or authenfied page

After creating an account on clerk you will need to set up a tunnel with ngrok or svix to your local server.

Otherwise you can send a post request to the /api/webhook/clerk endpoint with the following body you will find on clerk